The Soft Yearn Story


Soft Yearn is an adaptive cryptocurrency that will expand or contract its supply automatically. As traders, we believe the market is always in the right, hence the market will decide SYFI's valuation.

A soft pegged currency is tied to another currency. When a soft pegged currency has a significant difference from the main currency's price, the contract or expansion algorithm will converge the market price to the pegged price.





We believe it is incredibly important to redistribute this power & profitability, and hand it back over to the people.



SYFI will be accessible and extensible by other protocols and additional implementations. Open sourced contributions are in the pipeline.



As DeFi flourishes, the demand for YFI will increase exponentially. SYFI has a direct growth relationship to the prominent YFI token.



No quantitative easing. Constructed from a battle-tested smart contract, our system is open for all to view and use.

Token Presale

Soft Yearn Peg 1 SYFI = 0.0003 YFI
Hardcap 400 ETH
Total Supply 60,000 SYFI
Ticker SYFI
Starting Market Cap $522,000
Presale Price 1 SYFI ≈ 0.0167 ETH


Total Supply 60,000 SYFI
pie chart token distribution



Token Distribution

  • Presale
  • Uniswap listing
  • Team & Development
  • Marketing
  • Lapillus


Asked Questions

The SYFI Lapillus is our method of rewarding those who provide liquidity on Uniswap. It distributes SYFI tokens to stakers based on the amount of tokens staked. The greater the amount of tokens staked, the greater the reward.

A rebase is one of the key features of an elastic currency. Behind the scenes, a protocol works to alter the supply of the tokens at a specific timeframe. The amount of tokens held in your wallet are modified every 24 hours based on the 24 hour weighted average of the token price.

Currently, ongoing efforts to provide a wider distribution of tokens to our community is occurring in the form of a presale. The date of the presale will be disclosed on our social media outlets. Any SYFI token issued before our official launch are counterfeit tokens. Please stay alert and always verify before making any rash investment decisions.

We will disclose our smart contracts 24 hours before the presale. They will be posted in our official announcement channel in our community Discord.

Soft Yearn currently has three community incentives: Invite Competition, Meme Contest, and Airdrop. The top five inviters will be given a guaranteed whitelist spot prior to the presale. Soft Yearn team will also conduct a meme contest and will select the five best entries for a guaranteed whitelist. We will also conduct an SYFI Token Airdrop for the top five most active community members according to MEE6 leaderboards.